Vyse Debut

Dark Eagle Bone

Eagle+Griffon Arm

Dark Eagle+Griffon

Kana バイズ
Rōmaji baizu
Bone Fighter
Bone Fighter Dark Eagle Bone

Dark Griffon Bone (Right forehand, Head and Torso)

Element Type Flight
Bone Class White Bone

Iron Bone (Right forehand, Head and Torso only)

Gender Male
Nationality Neposian
Status Alive
Affiliation Eques warriors
Nepo Anegelis
Japanese Voice 千葉 一伸

Chiba Isshin

Anime Debut Episode 14
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Vyse (バイズ, "baizu"), is a high ranking Eques warrior as well as a bone fighter from the planet of Nepo Anegelis. Both he and Drossas were first seen when they confronted Liebert about breaking the chain of command after her battle with Shougo Ryuujin. They claimed that she would've been punished, if it wasn't for a certain someone's father.

Later on in the story, Lord Revolt gave him the right forearm, head and torso of Dark Griffon in order to try and retrieve Dragon bone once again. However, he was tricked by Revolt after his entire bone / body started to be controlled by him while fighting Drossas. He was later bone crushed by Shougo Ryuujin and was supposedly teleported back to nepos with Drossas by Socius while leaving his bone card behind.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Vyse is a noble and honorable Eques who always follows orders, even if they are not to his wishes. He often keeps his mouth shut when given a mission unless to accept it, even if something bothers him, shown when he is told by Revolt that he had a plan for him. He also seems to be very close to Drossas, as they have fought beside each other for, supposedly, a long time, even before the beginning of the anime.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Bone Fighter
Normal Dark Eagle Bone
No Image (card) Square

Bone Techniques
Feather Extension
Feather Extension
Eagle creates a massive hurricane around himself and spins around like a drill, he then dives down to attack the opponent

History Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 39, Revolt says that Drossas and Vyse are "gone" and that the Earth Bone Adepts and Liebert don't have to worry about them. This leads us to speculate about their werabouts, and their current statuses.