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Tiger Bone

Iron Tiger

Bone Fighter
Bone Fighter Tiger Bone
Element Type Thunder
Bone Class Iron Bone Form
Gender Male
Age 26
Birthday December 23th
Nationality (unknown)
Hair Dark Green
Eye Color Green
Height 175 cm
Status Alive
Affiliation Eques warriors
Nepo Anegelis
Relatives Gregory (Older Brother)
Japanese Voice 石田彰 Akira Ishida
Manga Debut Chapter 04
Anime Debut Episode 07
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Victor, together with Gregory are enemies of the Earth. They claim that they are helping the planet of Nepo Anegelis because they lost hope in the Earth and they wanted to steal the Dragonbone card from the White Bone Warriors in order to give it as a gift to the Nepo Angelis planet.

Appearance Edit

Victor wears an eyepatch with the image of a tiger over his right eye, which was inflicted by injury 4 years prior to storyline. His hair and remaining eye are both brown. He wears what looks like a brown winter coat with fur lining, with what look like buckles over the collar. His pants are long and black, and he wears brown shoes.

Personality Edit

Victor is very quiet and reserved. He is the calm, logical one out of him and his brothers. When he does speak, it's usually to intimidate an opponent or to calm his brother down.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Bone Fighter
Iron Tiger Bone
No Image (card) Square

Bone Techniques
Gouging Claw
Gouging Claw
ガウジング・クロー (gaujingu・kurō)
Tiger lunges at the foe and slashes them with his left claw, covering it in static electricity.
Ultra Thunder Storm
Ultra Thunder Storm
ウルトラ・サンダー・ストーム (urutora・sandaa・sutōmu)
Tiger teams up with Wolf and combines their elemental attributes, the two dive at their opponent side by side. Wolf goes in for a kick while Tiger slashes with his claw.

History Edit

Four years ago both he and Gregory claimed to have gotten tired of the planet Earth and decided that they wanted to work for Lord Klude and so they had gone to see him in person. However, he was very hesitant; during this time Liebert had shown up in-front of Klude and suggest that she take the two brothers under her wing since they have a lot of information on the Earth.

Trivia Edit

  • Both Gregory and Victor are the two characters who have changed sides the most!