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Owl (debut)

Kana ウルーラ
Rōmaji uruura
Bone Fighter
Bone Fighter Dark Owl Bone (former)
Element Type Time
Bone Class Iron Bone Form (former)
Gender Male
Age (unknown)
Birthday (unknown)
Nationality Neposian
Hair  ?
Eye Color  ?
Status Alive
Affiliation Eques warriors
Nepo Anegelis
Japanese Voice ?
Anime Debut Episode 27 - Stirring Ambition (bone form)
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An Eques Warrior from the planet of Nepo Anegelis. He is also a servant of Socius and was first seen with Gladis when Gladis received orders from Revolt to go back to earth the second time, after his failed attempted to recover Dragon bone the first time.

However, later on in the story he was bone crushed by Shougo Ryuujin who had acheived Rare Metal Bone and his bone card was supposedly left behind in the Cocoon which was supposedly retrieved.

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Bone Fighter
Iron (former) Dark Owl Bone (former)
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Martial Arts: Muay Thai Boxing
While fighting the Earth's bone fighters together with his leader Socius, he demonstrated a bit of Muay Thai boxing.