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Rhino Bone

Tyrone Iron Bone

Rare Metal Rhino (crop)

Kana タイロン
Rōmaji Tairon
Bone Fighter
Bone Fighter Rhino Bone
Element Type Earth
Bone Class Iron Bone Form
Rare Metal Bone
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday September 23
Nationality African
Hair Orange
Eye Color Orange
Height 190 cm
Status Alive
Affiliation Iron Bone Form
Occupation Employed by the Ryuujin Family, Bone adept
Previous Occupation Looking after his younger siblings.
Relatives 8 little sisters
7 little brothers
Japanese Voice 安元洋貴 Hiroki Yasumoto
Anime Debut Episode 01
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Tyrone (タイロン, tairon), is one of the main protagonists in the Majin Bone series. He is an exchange college student from Africa and is also a member of the White Bone Warriors.


He has an orange mohawk with a close cut shave at either sides of it, his skin is slightly tanned and he has a large physique.


Tyrone is a polite and friendly individual. He cares a lot for his teammate and he is a rare talker. He seems to enjoy Japanese culture, being able to quote sayings and expressing a liking for Japanese gardens and shogi.Tyrone is also not used to large crowds, as he grew up in a small village.


He  was looking forward to becoming a teacher in Africa so that he could teach the children of that country the importance of peace. However, after his siblings had found the Rhinobone card, Luke showed up and told him that he was a good match for the card but Tyrone diagreed and told him that he didn't even find the card in the first place and that he can't even hear the voice of the actual card itself. Later, Tyrone's siblings who had found the card told him to go with Luke because the voice of the card said so and Tyrone together with the card had supposedly agreed to travel with Luke, not because of saving the world or anything but because he wanted to protect his siblings.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Bone Fighter
Iron Rhino Bone
Tyrone Bone Card - Basic (anime) :: Tyrone Bone Card - Rare Metal (anime)
Basic :: Rare Metal

Fighting Skills
No Image (card) Square
Martial Arts - Sumo Wrestling
Due to his big body and size, it is suggested that he is quite adapted and good in this style of fighting.
Bone Techniques
Rhinobone Screw Buster
Screw Buster
A technique performed by Rhinobone, his horn glows an orange colour and he dashes towards his opponent. Rhino then leaps towards them and begins to spin around like a drill; smashing into the enemy. This technique alone was enough to heavily damage Owlbone in a single shot; nearly bone crushing him.
A technique performed by Rhino, he grabs the opponent then hooks one of his arms under their leg. He lifts them up and slams them into the ground.


  • He has 7 little brothers and 8 little sisters but no parents, so Tyrone is like the father figure to them.
  • He is the first Earth Fighter to summon the real Majin of Earth
    • He is also the first Earth Fighter who has been recognized by a Majin solely for his strong will.