Tomoko Ryuujin
Kana りゅうじん ともこ
Kanji 竜神智子
Rōmaji ryūjin tomoko
Gender Female
Age 22
Nationality Japanese
Hair Brown
Eye Color Brown
Height 170 cm
Status Alive
Occupation Manager at an un-named Café
Relatives Kengo Ryuujin (Father)

Shougo Ryuujin (Brother)
Chie Ryuujin (Mother)

Anime Debut Episode 01
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Ryuujin Tomoko (竜神智子, "ryūjin tomoko"), is a character in the Majin Bone anime series. She is the older sister of Shougo and the daughter of Kengo Ryuujin and Mrs. Ryuujin. She also has a part time job at a diner.

In addition to that, she is also a 3rd degree black belt in Karate which would make her a Sensei and her brother is just a normal black belt. They learned karate from their father.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

She seems to really care for her father and little brother.

History Edit

Tomoko and her mother

Tomoko as a child with her mother.

In the past, the neighborhood bullies would always make her cry and make fun of her, so she used to hide a lot and cry in secret. And when that happened her mother would embrace her and always mutter a few unknown words to stop Tomoko from crying.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Ordinary Human
Tomoko Karate
Martial Arts - Karate
She is a Sensei (3rd degree black belt) in Karate, so it is assumed that she is more skillful than her younger brother, which would be an even greater and more impressive level of what he demonstrated thus far. She is so skilled that she even managed to severely damage Serpence in his bone form with her bare hands.

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