The Joining of the End
E50 - Title
Episode 50
Kana しゅうえんのむすび
Kanji 終焉の結び
Rōmaji shuuen no musubi
Episode Info
Episode No. 50
Air Date 17 March, 2015
Opening Theme Sensation Signal
Ending Theme Ripumii
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The Joining of the End (終焉の結び , shuuen no musubi), is the fiftieth episode of the Majin Bone anime adaption series. It originally aired on March 17, 2015.

Shougo and Revolt are having their battle for the Dragon Bone, whilst our other heroes are stuck in space battling Unicorn and Basilisk. The Primordial Majin is preparing for the upcoming fight. Is Revolt finally going to obtain Dragon Bone and destroy the universe, or will some familiar faces unite again for The Final Showdown?

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