Dark Phoenix

Kana シュトルツ
Rōmaji shutorusu
Bone Fighter
Bone Fighter Dark Phoenix Bone
Element Type Time
Bone Class Iron Bone Form
Rare Metal Bone
Gender Male
Age (unknown)
Birthday (unknown)
Nationality Neposian
Hair Light Brown
Eye Color Light Brown
Status Alive
Affiliation Eques warriors
Nepo Anegelis
Relatives Liebert (Daughter)
Japanese Voice  ?
Anime Debut Episode 23
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Stolz (シュトルツ, shutorusu), is the father of Liebert and a dear friend of Lord Klude. He is a high ranking Eques warrior from the planet of Nepo Anegelis as well as its keystone

He is also a member of the Nepo council, but was defeated and then forcefully gaved up his bone card and was then arrested by Revolt, in order to take responsibility for his daughter's betrayal. However, he was later saved by his daughter with the help of Klude and the earth's bone fighters.

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Bone Fighter
Iron Phoenix Bone
E45 - Phoenix Card

Bone Fighter & Keystone
No Image (card) Square
Space Halt
As a Bone Fighter of Time, he is able to pause time for a brief period. As he is the center of the effect, only he is able to remain 'unfrozen' within his ability's radius.

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