Serpence (mug shot)

Dark Snake Bone

Kana セルペンス
Rōmaji serupensu
Bone Fighter
Bone Fighter Dark Snake Bone
Element Type Leaf
Bone Class Iron Bone Form
Gender Male
Age (unknown)
Birthday (unknown)
Nationality Neposian
Hair Grey
Eye Color Grey/Black
Status Alive
Affiliation Eques warriors
Nepo Anegelis
Relatives (unknown)
Japanese Voice  ?
Anime Debut Episode 37
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Serpence is a mid-ranking Eques warrior from the planet of Nepo Anegelis. He works under Socius, and is first seen when dispatched to Earth for his hunting skills.

Appearance Edit

E37 - Serpens Appearence

Serpence has longish gray hair combed back, with black (or grey) eyes. He is often seen wearing a green cape-like hood, grey trousers, and green shoes. He also has the tongue of a snake.

Personality Edit

He is very sly and sneaky. In combat, he keeps himself hidden where possible and like having the surprise attack advantage. Liebert claims that he is the worse for 'peeping' and he deny this accusation. He is very smarmy. He does however, follow his superiors' will whilst looking out for his own interests.

Skiluls and Abilitiesu66tu65uhryyryry Edit

Bone Fighter
Normal Dark Snake
No Image (card) Square

Bone Techniques
Dark Snake Arm
Snake Sling
His left arm has a Snake Sling type device attached to it, which he can use to extend his attack range a little. He is also seen using this as a diversionary tactic.

Trivia Edit

  • His whole character design is based around a snake.