Saho Shimatani

Saho Shimatani 2

Saho Manga

Kana しまたに さほ
Kanji 島谷早穂
Rōmaji shimatani saho
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday (unknown)
Nationality Japanese
Height 165 cm
Status Alive
Occupation Student
Relatives Kiyoko Shimatani (Mother), Mr. Shimatani (Father)
Japanese Voice 仙台エリ Eri Sendai
Anime Debut Episode 01
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Saho (島谷早穂, shimatani saho) is one of the main protagonists in the Majin Bone series, she is the childhood friend of Shougo. She is a high-school student in the same class as Shougo who has an interest in paranormal and extraterrestrial subjects due to a past memory.


Saho is a young girl with dark purple-tinted brown hair tied into a pony tail with a pink bow and a yellow hair clip on the right side of her fringe. Saho has eyes the same colour as her hair. She is seen wearing a blue top with baggy sleeves ending at the elbow, a pink skirt or pink pair of short shorts and thigh high black socks.


Saho has a very happy personality and is constantly giving a wide smile. She appears to be a reliable and a decent student but is seemingly accused by Shougo of daydreaming. Saho is extremely friendly to almost everyone, including people who appear threatening and hostile.

She has a very high interest in anything paranormal or alien and tends to express very intense emotions when on the subject of anything related. This is shown when she gets very excited in response to Shougo asking her about the news regarding the meteorite. She also speaks very quickly without stopping for breath at that time.

When Shougo displays embarrassment about her interest and denies seeing a UFO when they were younger she pouts and gets upset with Shougo when he calls her paranormal interests a "childish day dream". She's also been seen pulling childish tantrums whenever Shougo does something interesting and leaves her out of it.

On occasion she has given off a motherly attitude towards Shougo, this is shown when when she notices his top button is undone and attempts to do it for him.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Ordinary Human (alien finatic)
Saho Tickle Attack
Tickle Attack
A technique performed by Saho to take down Shougo. It's an incredibly efficient and quick technique which targets the foe's entire body. It causes the opponent to momentarily collapse from a laughing fit; they quickly recover afterwards.


  • When Shougo and her were kids they saw a UFO and that is the reason why she believes in paranormal activities.


  • She wants to go to a science college so that she could learn more about  the Earth, Universe, the Big Bang theory, aliens and UFO's etc.
  • She takes Momotaro for walks every morning.
  • In early promos she had light brown hair.
    Light Brown Saho

    Saho in promotional images.