Rare Metal Bone Form
Rare Metal Wyvern (head)
Kana レア・メタル・ボーン
Rōmaji rea metaru bōn

Rare Metal Bone, is an advanced transformation for a Bone assumed by extraordinarily skilled and powerful bone fighters in the Majin Bone world. It is the next stage, and a level above Iron Bone. It grants the user incredibly powerful fighting ability and also the advanced form of a descent, the transformation itself is described only in legends and is unknown even to the most powerful bone warriors of Nepos.

The form itself is a league above a descent and likewise requires the power of a Majin, but instead of typically receiving a power up the Bone transcends to a new level temporarily by smelting into the Majin itself and absorbing it's power; forcing the Bone to new levels of power.


The Rare Metal Bone form itself is only known in Nepos legend, it's performed by an Iron Bone making a Majin descend and then molting into it; transferring themselves to a plain within the Majin itself. After that the Bone warrior seems to absorb and fuse with the Majin's powers, completely transforming them into a new kind of Bone. Because this ability is using the Majin's power, the ability soon disappears when the Majin does, making it a temporary form. Only those who have earned the respect of an Elemental Majin can achieve this form!

Usage And PowerEdit

In order to transcend into a Rare Metal Bone, a few conditions must be met. First you must make a Majin descend. The next stage, is to absorb the Majin's power directly into yourself rather than the traditional means. Should the Majin grant it, all of its power causes the users armor to become a Rare Metal form, making it far stronger than Iron. In terms of power, Rare Metal Bone is considered to be the highest and most legendary form. It is assumed you must be very powerful in order to gain the use of this form. It may be clear to note that the transformation itself could be overwhelming for the fighter in the Bone, as when Klude absorbed the Majin of fire's power he screamed really loudly.

In terms of it's actual power, it differs from user to user, and doesn't necessarily make an individual stronger than another. Klude used this transformation in his fight with Cerberus and although it makes him significantly stronger he was still unable to defeat him and ultimately lost.

Known Users Edit


  • Klude is the first Bone Fighter seen in this form.
  • Shougo is the first Bone Fighter from the Earth to archive this form.
    • But Tyrone is the first by been recognized by a Majin itself, as Shougo turned into Rare Metal thanks to Klude.