Primordial Majin
Primordial Majinpng
Kanji 始まりの魔神
Rōmaji hajimari no majin
Bone Fighter
Element Type ALL (presumed)
Bone Class Primordial Majin
Anime Debut Episode 44 (actual)
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The Primordial Majin (始まりの魔神, hajimari no majin), is the creator of the whole known universe. This majin is responsible for the creation of all the Elemental Majin, The Planetary Core Bones and Bones, as well as all know planets in the universe. It's will is absolute law.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

the Primordial Majin is responsible for all creation, and thus we cannot determine the personality of a higher will!

Skills and Abilities Edit

E44 - Universe
Creator of ALL
The Primordial Majin, has the power to create (and presumable destroy) all within the known universe

Trivia Edit

  • The Primordial Majin is the highest authority possible