Kanji 桃太郎
Rōmaji momotarō
Gender Male
Status Alive
Affiliation Saho Shimatani
Occupation Pet
Japanese Voice 儀武 ゆう子 Yuko Gibu
Anime Debut Episode 01
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Momotaro (桃太郎, "momotarō"), is the pet of Saho Shimatani. He makes several appearances throughout the series. During the Scorpion-Bone attack, he tried defending the territory but instead had to be rescued by Shougo

Appearance Edit

Momotaro is a 4-legged canine with a yellowish-brown fur coating, with white patches along the front of his body. He is very small in size compared to the average human adult.

Personality Edit

Strong-willed enough to defend his territory and stand up to a Dark Bone Warrior (despite failing).

History Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Ordinary Human Pet
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As a dog, Momotarou is able to bark. This allows him to warn others around him of danger, and it potentially acts as a successful territorial indicator to fend off enemies.

Trivia Edit

  • Momotarou (桃太郎), mean "Peach Boy" and is a popular hero from Japanese Folklore!
  • Saho takes him for walks every morning.