Majin Bone (マジンボーン, majin bōn), is a card game released in Japan. But with it, spawned an Anime and Manga adaption. The manga series is currently ongoing. Written by Naoya Sugita, and published by Shueisha in Saikyo Jump, the first manga chapter was release on January 4th, 2014.

The first tankobon volume was released on July 4th, 2014. And the second tankobon was schedule for release in November 2014. However, the second volume has been delayed for unknown reasons and it was rescheduled for release in May 6th, 2015..

List of ChaptersEdit

MajinBone bk1
"Tankōbon" Book 1: (Chapters 1 - 4) Release Date: 4th July 2014
Chapter Title
1 "Bone Card"
2 "Bone Fighter"
3 "Rhine of Bone"
4 "Bone Research Center"
MajinBone bk2

"Tankōbon" Book 2: (Chapters 5 - 12 [End]) Release Date: 6th May 2015
Chapter Title
5 "Nepos Angelis"
6 "Rival"
7 "A New Enemy"
8 "Iron Bone"
9 "Dark Cerebus"
10 "Rare Metal Bone"
11 "Majin's Voice"
12 (End) "Last Battle"

List of Chapters yet in tankobon formatEdit

(none at the moment)

Upcoming NewsEdit

The manga is due to end in April 2015 in May issue of Saikyo Jump.