Majin of Time
Time Majin
Kanji 時間の魔神
Rōmaji jikan no majin
Bone Fighter
Element Type Time
Bone Class Elemental Majin
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The Majin of Time (時間の魔神, jikan no majin), is one of the 8 known Elemental Majin in the universe. Created by the Primordial Majin, The Majin of Time is responsible for maintaining and controlling the balance of Time. There are many different Bones that use the Time Element as their source of power.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

the Elemental Majin do not have a particular personality! They are neutral.

Skills and Abilities Edit

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Control over the TIME ELEMENT
As an Elemental Majin, it has the power to control and command the element of Time.

Known Bones of the Time Element Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Is the only Majin that haven't been summoned in the anime so far.