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A site dedicated to sharing detailed information about the Majin Bone franchise! Everybody is free to edit. We currently have 7,911 edits to 173 articles and 1,313 images on this wiki.

The Majin Bone series has long since had no new releases, so this wiki is now in archive mode. This means it is less community based now and more read only. Of course edits are still more than welcome!! If you want to contribute, check out the Majin Bone Wiki:Getting Started
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List of anime episodes of the Majin Bone series.

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List of Characters

List of characters that appear in the Majin Bone series.

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Card Game

The Majin Bone Card Game.

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A selection of Majin Bone Music.

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The Universe
The Anime Story
Once there was nothing. And in this nothingness, The Primordial Majin created life. With it, created things known as "Bones" and "Majin".
Bones became the guardians of all life, and Majins governed the laws of nature. Each planet has its own Keystone, a Bone Creature entrusted to protect and look after it. In order to protect their planet, Bones call upon the lifeforms and resonate their power to create Bone Warriors. These lifeforms are known as Bone Adepts and they wear the Bones as armour.
The Elemental Majins, can be called upon by any Bone Creature or Bone Adept to lend their power.
The Earth is plummeted into darkness. Aliens from another planet are invading! Shōgo Ryūjin, an ordinary high school student whose life is turned upside-down as he transforms into the Bone Fighter "Dragonbone" with the Bone Card in order to save Earth. With the help of friends, together these Warriors stand up to the Dark Bone Warriors, a foe that appeared from darkness to devastate Earth. However, "could the true enemy be themselves?"
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The 3DS Game Story
The Manga Story
The Earth is plummeted into darkness. Aliens from another planet are invading! The enemy are trying to harness the power of the Time and Space Majin. You play as your own-named character and must embark on your journey with the White Bone Warriors to stop the invasion on Earth! The story allows you to unlock other Bone characters and thus, their cards. You can obtain these cards by using the in-game Carddass. Any unlocked bone parts can then be equipped to aid your battle!!! Shōgo Ryūjin and friends are in big trouble again. The aliens are invading and Earth must be saved. Our heroes must unite and forge the unlikeliest of friendships in order to achieve true peace!
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Earth Heroes
Nepos Warriors
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  • We havn't heard any new of Majin Bone since 2016. So this wiki will now be archived once all the work here is finish :(. It's been a pleasure working with everyone here!!
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Featured Videos
Featured Music
Legend is Born (cover).png

Sensation Signal is the second and final opening theme to Majin Bone! It lasted from Episode 31 to the final episode of series, Episode 52. It was sold in 3 different editions as well.


This is the first Original Soundtrack CD release for the Majin Bone series. It contains 38 different instrumental tracks used throughout the series.

Legend is Born was the first opening theme to Majin Bone! It lasted for a total of 30 episodes, until being changed. The CD itself, sold in 3 different versions. One of them being a limited edition featuring a DVD containing a music video of the same song.

Sensation Signal Regular.png

Ripumii, or 'Rip Me', is the final ending theme song played in the Majin Bones series. It first appeared in Episode 41 and ran through until the final episode. The full version of the song has been performed live at their gigs!!

Majin Bone OST1.png

Have a quick look at all the merchandise pages "here"
  • 01 - Bone Card
  • 02 - Bone Fighter
  • 03 - Rhine of Bone
  • 04 - Bone Research Center
  • 05 - Nepos Angelis
  • 06 - Rival
  • 07 - A New Enemy
  • 08 - Iron Bone
  • 09 - Dark Cerebus
  • 10 - Rare Metal Bone
  • 11 - Majin's Voice
  • 12 - Last Battle
Card Base
IC Card.png

(PB-15) Dragon - Shougo.png
The Card Game is released into different sets. These cards can be purchased and obtained with the intention of collecting, but also some of these cards can be used interactively using the Majin Bone Arcade Machines. There are 2 data cards required for the machine use.

There are 7 main card series sets, each running from M1 through to M7. With the production finishing on the 31st August, 2015. Regular Monthly Campaigns ran throughout 2014 to 2015.

For the complete details about the Card Game, please see "here"

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