A Majin (魔神, majin), literally meaning "Devil" and/or "Genie", is a higher entity in the Majin Bone universe than Humans' or Neposians'. They hold incredible powers within them. The universe as we know it, was created by the Primordial Majin, and is worshipped as a god by many.

The Primordial Majin Edit

The Primordial Majin (始まりの魔神, hajimari no majin), is the highest entity in existence. It is responsible for creating the universe as we know it.

The Elemental Majin Edit

There is a Majin for each individual element and they all serve underneath the Primordial Majin. Each one posses incredible power related to their element. It is speculated that they are responsible for the creations of such elements. In other words, they are the elements themselves and without them there would be no elements. The Elemental Majin are as follows:

Elemental Majin

The 8 Elemental Majin

The elemental Majin are beings of a specific element and in battle Bones can call upon them to increase their power by forming a Line. The Bone at the center of the line is the Bone that summons the Majin, and the Majin that appears is the same as the Bone's element. However, forming a line is only a minor way to actually calling forth a Majin's power and in actual fact, when forming a line the Majin itself does not appear but more an image of the Majin takes it's place. Some powerful Bone warriors can actually call a Majin to the battlefield properly.

Elemental Majin seem to have a consciousness and will also make decisions and actions based on condition, this is shown when Klude and Wyvern Bone plea to the Majin Of Fire to help Shougo and Dragon Bone fight against Ouroburos. The Majin Of Fire after hearing their plea, arrives on the battlefield and allows him to turn Rare Metal.