Within the Anime Adaption of the the Majin Bone series, the main story line can be split up into various section. These sections are called "Arcs". Although these are unofficial and created by us, (the Wiki-Bone Warriors), they will serve as a guide to the main and sub plot lines.

List of Unofficial Arcs Edit

List of Unofficial Arcs (table) Edit

Un-Official Arc List
Episode list Arcs Bone Arcs
Episode 01 Dark Scorpion's Invasion White Bone
Episode 02
Episode 03 Normal Bone
Episode 04
Episode 05 Dark Horse's Take-Over
Episode 06
Episode 07
Episode 08 Tiger's and Wolf's Mission
Episode 09
Episode 10 Dark Horse's revenge
Episode 11
Episode 12 Dark Panther's Assault and Shougo's Trial
Episode 13
Episode 14 Dark Bear's and Grizzly's revenge
Episode 15 Luke's Intention
Episode 16 Gilbert's Struggle
Episode 17 Tyrone's story
Episode 18 Antonio's Story
Episode 19 IronBone
Episode 20 Iron Bone
Episode 21
Episode 22
Episode 23