Kana レナード
Rōmaji renādo
Gender Male
Age 35
Nationality Australian?
Hair Gray
Eye Color Blue
Status Alive
Affiliation White Bone Warriors
Melbourne Lab
Occupation Bone Research Scientist
Japanese Voice ?
Anime Debut Episode 07
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Leonard (レナード, "renādo"), is the head/leader of the research and development team of the Melbourne lab/bone research facility in Australia.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Leonard's personality is that of a typical mad scientist, he gets unbelievably excited about anything to do with bone research and is even willing to put people through incredibly harsh tests to gain new knowledge even if the person cannot handle anymore strain; giving him the nickname demon scientist.

History Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

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Smart Intellect
He is a very smart individual when it comes to Bone Research. He is able to analyse Bone Cards, Bone FIghters, and even discovered how to unlock the "Iron Form".

Trivia Edit

  • In episode 37, he dubbed Rare Metal Bones as "Majin Bones" the name of the series, and a blazing background along with the Majin Bone logo appeared on the screen.