Iron Bone Form
5 Iron Bone
Kana アイアン・ボーン
Rōmaji aian bōn

Iron Bone is a transformation in the Majin Bone universe, it is an advanced form that Bone Fighters can achieve by summoning a Majin and later putting their Core Bone under a lot of stress to force a transformation.


Usage And PowerEdit

In terms of power Iron Bone form is vastly superior to a normal Majin descent, an Awakening or Berserk Mode which all appear to be infant forms or the prior forms to Iron Bone.

Despite it being far superior to it's predecessor power up forms, it may be possible to stack those forms up on top of the Iron Bone form and still achieve the previous power ups. It's been shown that an Iron Bone can still get a power boost from a Majin Descent, but whether an Iron Bone can go into Berserk Mode or Awakening is yet to be seen.


  • The first character seen in this form is Klude
  • The first Bone Fighter seen achieving this form is Gilbert