Luke's Father (debut)
Gender Male
Age 48
Nationality Australian
Hair Blue
Eye Color Blue
Status Alive
Affiliation Melbourne lab
Los Angeles lab
Occupation Lead Scientific Researcher
Relatives Luke (son)
Japanese Voice ?
Anime Debut Episode 14 (flashback)

Episode 27 (actual)

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He is the father of Luke as well as the director of the Los Angeles lab.

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Skills and Abilities Edit

Bone Researcher
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Director of the Los Angeles Lab
He's head of a research facility and so must be skilled with leadership and research abilities.

History Edit

When Luke was a kid, he had gotten an offer to work as the director of the L.A. lab and he had taken up the offer but had left Luke behind in order to fulfill his bone duties. Up until the 31st episode, he hadn't seen Luke face to face since he left, and his departure to Los Angelis was 9 years prior to the story.

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