Gladis Iron (debut)

Kana グラヂス
Rōmaji guradisu
Bone Fighter
Bone Fighter Dark Swordfish bone
Element Type Wind
Bone Class Iron Bone Form
Gender Male
Age (unknown)
Birthday (unknown)
Nationality Neposian
Hair  ?
Eye Color  ?
Status Alive
Affiliation Eques warriors
Nepo Anegelis
Relatives Unknown
Japanese Voice (unknown)
Anime Debut Episode 22
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Gladis (グラヂス, guradisu), is an Eques Warrior from Nepo Anegelis who practices Nepo Angelis's swordfish fencing style. He is the servant of Revolt, who had came to earth in order to investigate whether or not it was true that the earth bone users had became iron.

Later in the story he fights Shougo Ryuujin's team numerous times and lost every time and eventually he was bone crushed and his card was taken by Shougo.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Skills and Abilities Edit

Bone Fighter
White Swordfish Bone
No Image (card) Square

Bone Techniques
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Sport: Swordfish Style Fencing
He seems to be well adapted and skill in the sword fencing style. When he fought both Luke and Shougo Ryuujin, Luke calamined that he is a master of the sword. It was then proven when he fought and had held his ground against both of them by himself.
Fighting Skills
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Martial Arts
After being being disarmed while fighting both Luke and Shougo, he was left to fend himself against his two on one assault and he still managed to hold his own against to both of them using some sort of martial art's similar to that of Luke's.

Trivia Edit

  • The first swordsman to appear in the series.