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Leo Bone

Iron Leo Bone

Kana ギルバート
Rōmaji girubāto
Bone Fighter
Bone Fighter Lion Bone / Leo Bone
Element Type Thunder
Bone Class Iron Bone Form
Rare Metal Bone
Gender Male
Age 13
Nationality American
Hair Yellow / Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 145 cm
Status Alive
Affiliation Earth
Occupation Student
Anime Debut Episode 05
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Gilbert (ギルバート, "girubāto"), is one of the main protagonists in the Majin Bone series. He is also a member of the White Bone Warriors who is actually a college student from America despite his age and appearance.

According to him, it was his choice he became a Bone Fighter only because he wanted to, so that he could protect the earth.


As the youngest member among the Earth Bone Fighters, he is the shortest among them.  Gilbert's usual apperance depicts him with blond hair and wears a red neck tie. In the theme song, he is shown wearing a broad-brimmed hat. He dresses very formally, in a white button-down shirt under a black vest.


He is very confident and cocky in everything he does. According to Luke, he isn't a bad person, but he's a big quarrelsome. He also has a crush on Saho Shimatani whom he fell for almost instantly upon meeting her; he often blushes around her and leaps to every opportunity to spend time with her.


He got accepted into an American college/university at the age of 12.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Bone Fighter
Iron Leo Bone (lio bone)
No Image (card) Square
Fighting Skills
Gilbert Boxing 1
Sport - Boxing
He knows American boxing and he seems to be well developed and advance in it.
Bone Techniques
Golden Mega Smash
Golden Mega Smash
Leobone takes the shield from his left wrist and holds it in his right hand above his head, it erupts with lightning and Leo uses it to dive down and smash the enemy.
Golden Rush
Golden Rush
Leobone uses all his speed to perform an insanely quick flurry of punches all around him, this move was used to negate projectiles.
Lightning Impact
Lightning Impact
Leobone gathers electric orbs around him and dashes towards the opponent, he charges at them with his shield in front which grows two large thunder fangs. He rams into the opponent with incredible force.


  • He is a college student despite his appearance.
  • He was the first of the White Bone Warriors to turn Iron.
  • Contrary to what he said earlier in episode 5 about not being interested in older girls, Gilbert gains a crush on Saho, though she is a full 3 years older than him.