Kanji 東尾
Rōmaji Higashio
Gender Male
Age 50
Nationality Australian
Hair Black
Eye Color Brown
Status Alive
Affiliation White bone warriors
Melbourne lab
Occupation Lead Director of the Bone Research Facility
Japanese Voice 明夫 大塚

Ootsuka Akio

Anime Debut Episode 07
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Higashio (東尾, "Higashio"), is the director of the Melbourne lab/bone research facility in Australia. He is also a heavy drinker.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

He likes to drink alcohol to the point of getting hangovers.

History Edit

Four years ago, he was leading an excavation project to find and uncover the stone bone tablets. During one of these excavations, he was 'kidnapped' by Victor and Gregory who needed a means of escape. He gains control of the situation by off-roading the jeep and rendering them both unconscious. Him and his team bring them both back to full health and attempts to show them hope. Their camp was raided by the same malicious group that turned on Victor and Gregory. The two stone tablets they had recovered activated with Victor and Gregory, transforming them into Tiger Bone and Wolf Bone. After the commotion has ended, he continues traversing the land conduction research.

One year ago, he unearths the Leo Bone tablet, and is reunited briefly with Victor and Gregory.

Shougo Ryuujin first meets Higashio during the team's trip to Melbourne to revive Dragon Bone after part of it was Bone Crushed from making the Majin of fire descend. Anna Christine introduces the group to the director, who has a hangover at the time, reeks of alcohol and is surrounded by booze; much to everyone's disbelief. After curing his hangover the director asks Shougo about making the Majin descend in a grumpy and displeased manner, even going so far as to lay his hands on Shougo and shake him around. He lectures everyone that the reason the card was fossilized and Shougo's arm was injured was due to making the Majin descend, when the group argues against him he simply shouts at them; warning them that the adept could die from a descent.

The director is soon interrupted by his colleague, Leonard who snatches Dragon Bone from Shougo's hand; the director comments that he might be able to fix Dragon Bone. Higashio laughs when Tyrone comments on the weird characteristics people in the lab have, as the director leaves he asks Luke to come with him to speak about something.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Bone Researcher
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Director of the Melbourne Lab
He is the director of a research facility and so must have good leadership and research skills. Despite this assumption, he is constantly seen not taking any responsibility for his work and his skills are questioned.

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