Chie Ryuujin
Shougo's mother
Kanji 竜神智恵
Rōmaji ryuujin chie
Gender Female
Age 47
Nationality Japanese
Hair Red
Eye Color Brown
Status Alive
Occupation Cocoon research specialist
Relatives Shougo Ryuujin (Son)

Tomoko Ryuujin (Daughter)
Kengo Ryuujin (Husband)

Japanese Voice  ?
Anime Debut Episode 31
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She is the parent of both Shougo and Tomoko Ryuujin and the wife of Kengo Ryuujin. She is a Cocoon Researcher, that works with the Los Angelis Lab and the one responsible for managing the cocoon that the earth's bone fighters uses to battle in.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

She seems to be a very serious but very supportive person.

History Edit

Twenty-four years ago she kept a seminar with a large number of scientists and researchers in which she warned them about a supreme being living in space, known as the the Primordial Majin, which will come to earth to extact objects from the earth known as bones. However, no one believed her at the time.

One day while searching for a bone, she came across a shrine where she met Kengo Ryuujin, whom she fell in love with at first sight. Two years later (22 years ago) both of them got married and she quit her job in order to move in with her husband, while pregnant with an unborn Tomoko Ryuujin. Shougo Ryuujin was born six years after his sister (16 years ago). Four years later (12 years ago), while walking home with her Shougo, he stopped while claiming to hear something but Chie wasn't sure what it was but had a faint idea that it could've the bone that she was originally searching for. When she reached home Ian, called her and told her that her hypothesis was correct all along after his son became an adept because cards come from the stone tablets which is then synchronized with its adepts. At first Chie didn't believe it and then Ian reminded her about what she said about adepts equipping their bone and having to defend the earth. Ian then asked her to come back to Lab as a member and she did. She couldn't even tell her own family why she left since the lab was under the United Nations information regulations.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Bone Researcher and Cocoon Specialist
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Zero-Gravity Toleration
Chie has spent much time working in a zero gravity space shuttle. It takes a lot of training and body preparation to survive and become accustom to this type of environment. As a result, she has built up a tolerance to a lack of gravity and is able to comfortably live in those conditions.

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