Calm Fury
E42 - Title
Episode 42
Kanji 静かなる激情
Rōmaji shizukanaru gekijyou
Episode Info
Episode No. 42
Air Date 20 January, 2015
Opening Theme Sensation Signal
Ending Theme Ripumii
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Changing Despair into Hope
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Calm Fury (静かなる激情, shizukanaru gekijyou), is the forty-second episode of the Majin Bone anime adaption series. It originally aired on January 20, 2015.

Our heroes are still trying to recover Rhino Bone's card. Back on Nepos, some of the council members are alerting the other council members to the foul-play of Revolt. Raquelt joins up with Revolt and gets deployed to capture Dragon bone as a gesture of good faith. Accompanied by Corvus, they show up at the lab and attack. Will our heroes come out unscathed, or are they going to need the power or Rare Metal Bone?

Overview Edit

Rhino Bone is still recovering in the lab. Barlish and Pellebrand alert the remaining council member of Revolt's actions. Raquelt decides to join Revolt in his plans, and heads to Earth to recover Dragon Bone as a gesture of good faith. Him and Corvus turn up at the lab and our heroes jump into the Revelation Cocoon for their battle. Luke and Tyrone are unable to. Liebert tries to reason with the Neposians but fail and is quickly bone-crushed. After some brutal beatings, the Majin of Earth responds to Tyrone's will and appears to aid him by granting Rare Metal Bone. He makes short work of Corvus, leaving Raquelt to retreat. Barlish and Pellebrand begin their journey to finding Klude and Stolz for the truth!

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In Order of Appearance
Episode Debuts
  • Basilisk (bone form)

Major Battles Edit

Dragon - (fight icon) Panther - (fight icon) Leo - (fight icon) Jaguar - (fight icon)
Dragon ¦ Panther ¦ Leo ¦ Jaguar
Basilisk - (fight icon) Crow - (fight icon)
Basilisk ¦ Crow
-- illusions --
Mantis - (fight icon) Scorpion - (fight icon) Bee - (fight icon) Spider - (fight icon) Beetle - (fight icon) Owl - (fight icon) Hawk - (fight icon) Swordfish - (fight icon) Alligator - (fight icon) Eagle - (fight icon)
Mantis ¦ Scorpion ¦ Bee ¦ Spider ¦ Beetle ¦ Owl ¦ Hawk ¦ Swordfish ¦ Alligator ¦ Eagle
Rhino - (fight icon)
Basilisk - (fight icon) Crow - (fight icon)
Basilisk ¦ Crow

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