Majin Bone
Kana マジンボーン
Rōmaji majin bon

"This story began before Earth was born. Majin, the creator of the Universe, has been resurrected in the present day." Kenn will star as Shōgo Ryūjin, an ordinary high school student who transforms into the Bone Fighter Dragonbone with the Bone Card in order to save Earth. The cast also includes Hiroki Yasumoto as Rhinobone/Tyrone, Hiroyuki Yoshino as Jaguarbone/Antonio, and Shinnosuke Tachibana as Sharkbone/Luke. Together, these White Bone warriors stand up to Dark Bone, a foe that appeared from darkness to devastate Earth. However, "could the true enemy be ourselves?"

Each episode is around 22 minutes long, with the series as a whole rated "PG-13". The episodes originally started airing on April 1st, 2014 and is currently (as of Feb 2015) still airing!

Episodes Edit

According to the Japanese Wikipedia, there could be a total of 78 episodes released to DVD and Bluray, spanning across 6 volumes. (for the complete episode list and more information, see List Of Episodes)

Theme Song Edit

(For cover art, more information, and lyrics, see List Of Music)

Opening Themes: Edit

OP1: (Episode 1 - 30) - 「Legend Is Born」by Kato Kazuki (加藤和樹)
OP2: (Episode 31 - current) - 「Sensation Signal (センセーション•シグナル)」by Glutamine (ぐるたみん)

Ending Themes: Edit

ED1: (Episode 1 - 13) - 「OKAN GOMEN」by Misoshiru's (味噌汁's)
ED2: (Episode 14 - 40) - 「Blue Destiny」by "Konnichiwa \(^o^)/ Kirarinbo Harry!!!" (こんにちわ\(^o^)/きらりんぼ☆ハリー!!!)
(Note: in the credits of episodes 14 through 20, the singer was credited as "Takeno☆Koyuki" (たけの☆こゆき).
ED3: (Episode 41 - current) - 「リプミー」 by LUI FRONTiC 赤羽 JAPAN